Thomas Hull Creations

A native of Southern California, Tom was first exposed to jewelry design and fabrication in Junior high school, when he was mentored by a metal shop instructor who also happened to be a professional jeweler. In high school, he was employed by a local jewelry manufacturer where he learned all the aspects of the industry. He worked as a bench jeweler, a model maker, a caster, and did a lot polishing work. The company focused on charms, pendants and rings. He spent hours carving jewelry models from blocks of hard wax. Having a broad experience in the jewelry manufacturing, he claims, has been instrumental in designing his own line of jewelry.

After working for Gold Coast Casting for several years, he took a job as a bench jeweler in Simi Valley called Gold N Heart Jewelers. With Tom on board, they starting doing a lot of custom work. Tom had a small case where he filled it with his own original designs. He enjoyed working directly with the customers, so much so that he decided to open his own retail business. With a partner he opened a small jewelry store in Chatsworth, California. With a focus on design, the store was mainly a custom shop turning out many custom pieces every week.

“The Karat Factory” worked nicely and the business grew moderately every year. In 1999, after a attempted robbery, a landlord that wanted to convert the property into a Lowes, and other untimely issues Tom and his partner closed the business and Tom for the first time in his life went to go work outside the industry. In 2003, Margaret Sleigh, his old boss and the owner of Gold N Heart jewelers contacted Tom and discussed her retirement and the possibility of him buying the store. After much deliberation, Tom purchased the store and was once again designing jewelry.

Now, after 1000's of custom pieces and a lifetime of jewelry experience, Tom presents his own line of jewelry creations. The focus is mainly engagement rings, but he can’t resist building a piece or two for a magnificent gemstone that really deserves the time it takes to design and create a piece. Tom’s collection offers the finest materials, cutting edge style and meticulous workmanship. All pieces are fabricated in California. Many styles are one- of-a-kind or limited production. He is available to make custom or individually altered designs to suit the taste of a client. He hopes that you enjoy looking through the line and that you find a piece or two absolutely irresistible. If you have any questions regarding the designs please don’t hesitate to contact him at: